Audio Description (AD) & Closed Captions (CC)


AD - Audio Description

Is an overall system that assists customer with visual impairments (VI). The transmitter enables the receiver (pack + headphones) worn by the guest to hear Audio Description soundtrack (VI). They can also elect to hear just the movie soundtrack at a higher volume via the headphones
The transmitter can also enable a guest to access the HI soundtrack via the neckloop and pack that is tuned into their hearing aid

CC - Closed Captions

Is a system that assist customer with hearing impairment (HI). The device has a small screen that displays closed captions as the movie is playing. The unit has a base that fits into the cupholder and has a bendable arm that guests are able to position directly in front of them, allowing them to read & watch the screen at the same time.


Neither of these devices impact the viewing of other Cinema guests. These are personal devices used by VI & HI guests at their seats. 


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