Renewing a HOYTS Rewards Membership


HOYTS Rewards Plus and Premium memberships are paid memberships which require an annual fee to maintain and access to these membership benefits. If a membership is not renewed by the due date, the membership will automatically moved to a HOYTS Rewards Standard membership and any benefits you may receive will be inline with that tier. 

Any HOYTS Points that have been accrued will still be available but any unclaimed benefits will be forfeited. 

HOYTS Rewards Standard Memberships is free and does not need to be renewed. 

A HOYTS Rewards Plus or Premium membership may be renewed within 30 days of expiration. A reminder email will be sent if opted into email communication. 


How to renew a HOYTS Rewards Plus or Premium Membership


HOYTS Rewards Plus or Premium memberships can be renewed in cinema or online. 


To renew a membership online follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account (Click here AU or here NZ)
  2. Click on the symbol in the to right corner and select 'My Account and then 'Renew HOYTS Rewards'.
  3. Enter your payment details
  4. Agree to the T&Cs
  5. Select 'MAKE PAYMENT'


2,400 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points may be redeemed for HOYTS Rewards Plus membership renewal and 10,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points may be redeemed For HOYTS Rewards Premium. To pay your membership with Qantas Points, select the Qantas icon in the payment section. Note: You have to have sufficient Qantas Points available to complete this transaction.

HOYTS Rewards Standard Memberships can be upgraded at any time to a HOYTS Plus or HOYTS Premium Membership.

When a membership is renewed, all unexpired HOYTS Points and Rewards bonuses will reactive on the membership.






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