Entry restrictions for MA15+ & R18 Movies



The MA15+ classification

MA15+ films are not suitable for people under 15 as the content is strong in impact. 

A person aged under 15 cannot be admitted to a MA15+ film in a cinema or purchase or hire these films and games unless they are accompanied by his or her parent or adult guardian.

For cinema, the requirements are not met if the parent or adult guardian buys a ticket, but does not accompany the child for the duration of the film.


Who qualifies as a “guardian” for a person under 15?

The “guardian” must be an adult exercising “parental control” over the person under 15 years of age. The guardian needs to be 18 years or older.
An older sibling or friend would not generally satisfy this requirement, whereas a grandparent, aunt or uncle may.


The R18+ classification

R18+ films are not suitable for people under 18 as the content is high in impact. People aged under 18 cannot be admitted to a R18+ film in a cinema, or purchase or hire these films.




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