Swap or Refund an Online Booking


Changing An Online Booking

  • Booking Swap

Please note a booking can only be swapped directly by the Cinema you have booked for.

A booking must be swapped prior to the session and our no refund policy will apply after the session has passed. 

Please contact the Cinema directly - all Cinema contact numbers are available online

Click here (AU) | Click here (NZ)



  • Booked Incorrect Cinema

Please note a booking cannot be swapped between Cinemas. The original booking must be refunded prior to the session time directly with the Cinema it was booked for. A new booking will need to be made for the correct Cinema. 

Please contact the Cinema directly or click here to submit a request.




  • Unable to Attend Session

Please note our bookings are non-refundable for change of mind. 


  • Refunds under Australian Consumer Law

There are limited circumstances covered under the Australian Consumer Law where refunds are permitted. These circumstances generally relate to where the services provided are not rendered with due care and skill or in compliance with a specified purpose or provided within a reasonable time. They do not include circumstances where you change your mind. Should your circumstances satisfy those requirements, a refund will be provided.

Please contact the Cinema directly or click here to submit a request.




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