How to Redeem a HOYTS Voucher Online


Yes, you can redeem your voucher online!

To redeem your voucher online, visit our website, or and select the cinema and session that you’d like to see.


Please follow the steps below to redeem your Voucher online;

1. Select the Cinema location, date and movie session

2. Choose your seats on the Cinema map and click 'Proceed'

3. Look for the Voucher option at the bottom of the ticket list, click 'Add'
    Insert your voucher number and pin into the box and click 'Redeem Voucher'. You will be asked to pay the online booking fee for each voucher

4. Once the voucher has been added, it will let you know that it was successful and will appear at the bottom of the page near the total amount. (This number will increase the more vouchers you add to your transaction)
5. Redeem any other Vouchers or add additional tickets as needed.
   eg. If you would like to book 2 x seats and have 2 x Vouchers to redeem, you would leave all other ticket types as 0.

6. Click 'Proceed' to proceed to the next step.



NB: do not place a quantity next to a ticket type unless you require the purchase of additional tickets. 

A maximum of 20 vouchers can be redeemed in a single transaction online.


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