Earning HOYTS Points



Members will continue to earn HOYTS Points for the entire term of their membership and each HOYTS Point remains active until its nominated expiration date or until it has been redeemed. 

HOYTS Points are earned on each dollar spent at HOYTS when a valid HOYTS Rewards membership card is part of the ticket purchase transaction. 


Multiple members may present their HOYTS Rewards membership cards in cinema to earn HOYTS Points in the same transaction. The number of HOYTS Points each member receives is calculated on the total dollar amount divided by the number of cards included in the transaction. 

Please see hoyts.com.au or hoyts.co.nz for details on the number of HOYTS Points that will be earned according to a Member’s membership tier. 


If a HOYTS Rewards Member does not earn HOYTS Points at the time of the transaction, HOYTS Points can still be applied to the account with proof of purchase. To claim these points, you will need to provide us with the booking number OR transaction ID which is located on the bottom of your ticket in the format of XXXXXX/XXX. 

Please contact our Guest Experience Team to organise by clicking here


Vouchers & Gift Cards 

The initial purchase of HOYTS Gift Cards do not earn HOYTS Points. 

HOYTS Points are earned upon redemption of the HOYTS gift cards when a HOYTS Rewards membership card is presented. HOYTS Points are not earned upon tickets that are redeemed with a voucher. 


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