How to Redeem HOYTS Points


HOYTS Rewards Members can redeem HOYTS Points in Cinema, via the HOYTS App or online. 


To redeem in Cinema, members must present their HOYTS Rewards membership card, their membership barcode via the HOYTS app, or provide their mobile number.

Members must have enough HOYTS Points to redeem the items in full.



To redeem online, members can redeem their HOYTS Points for eligible tickets: 

  1. Log into your HOYTS Rewards membership
  2. Select your cinema, movie title, session date and time
  3. Select your seats from the map, then click 'Proceed'
  4. From the Ticket Menu, locate your HOYTS Rewards Offer ticket (eg. 'Redeem 8,000 Points Xtremescreen Ticket' ) if HOYTS Points balance allows, click 'Add'
  5. If required, add any additional tickets
  6. Click 'Proceed'; Enter your email address & agree to the Terms & Conditions
  7. Select preferred payment method & fill in required details
  8. Select ‘Proceed’ to confirm Booking 

Please note, Offer tickets will appear automatically once enough HOYTS Points have been accumulated, and are then able to be redeemed.


HOYTS Rewards Memberships must be active to redeem HOYTS Points.


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