Online Booking - Declined Payment Error Message


All online bookings are subject to instant review and verification and there are many reasons why a transaction may be declined.

Declined transactions are most commonly related to incorrect payment details, insufficient funds or behaviour that triggers anti-fraud protections.


Please check you have entered all details correctly, that you are using a local credit card and that your network is not attempting to obscure the transaction (i.e. use of a VPN etc). Alternative options might be purchasing via another credit card or PayPal.

Additionally, you can also purchase tickets in-person at your local cinema. 


If you would like the Guest Experience team to review your purchase details for a future transaction, please send us a message via our Help Page (click here 

To assist with a prompt resolution of your query please have the following information ready for our Guest Experience team:

  • Date you attempted to book
  • Email address you were using
  • First 6 and last 4 digits of the credit card







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