HOYTS Rewards Memberships



We offer 2 membership tiers: 

HOYTS Rewards Member and HOYTS Rewards VIP ($15 annual fee), each with their own set of benefits. For more information, click the below links: 

HOYTS Rewards Australia 

HOYTS Rewards New Zealand 


HOYTS Rewards members who were on the HOYTS Rewards Premium tier as at 11 May 2021, have been migrated to the HOYTS Rewards VIP tier until their current membership renews. Members on the HOYTS Rewards Premium tier will continue to receive all the benefits of the Premium tier as well as the benefits of the VIP tier, with the exception of Saver and Super Saver tickets which are no longer offered. Members will not be able to renew onto the HOYTS Rewards Premium tier as it will cease to exist. 




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