Free Popcorn Refills


HOYTS Reward members are entitled to free popcorn refills as part of their membership on the same day as a popcorn is purchased at HOYTS either outright or as part of a combo.


To redeem a free popcorn refill:

  1. Purchase a popcorn either outright or as part of a combo and scan or enter your membership card as part of the transaction
  2. Return their empty popcorn container to a team member at the candy bar point of sale,
  3. Request a popcorn refill from a HOYTS Crew member at the counter
  4. Scan your HOYTS Rewards membership
  5. A HOYTS crew member will replace your empty popcorn container with a full one of the same size.


Promotional popcorn containers will not be replaced and a new promotion popcorn container will not be issued as part of the free refill. Instead, Members will be able to retain promotional containers and a standard popcorn container of the same or similar size will be provided. The standard popcorn container must be used for any additional refills on that day.

Popcorn refills are provided under a Fair Go policy where HOYTS Reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse to refill a members popcorn where it is believed the benefit / offer is being abused and / or the refills are not for personal use or are being unreasonably shared with other groups / people.

Free Popcorn refills can be claimed up to 30 minutes after the last advertised session of the day.



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